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Milano il fascino di una metropoli

PREFACE: by Alessandro Sallusti

In the multiform field of photography, regarded as qualified artistic espression, Maria Pia Severi stands out for the originality of the executive action and the creative spark, which has allowed her to obtain brilliant results, during the years, and praises by the most eminent critics.

The pictures raise an immediate curiosity, for their deliberate lack of clearness, for their intentional dimension of non perceptual visibility, which makes them evanescent “entities”. The main subjects, the most of them chosen among female figures, seem included in a dream-like narration. It is as if the artist wanted to enclose, inside fary-like setting, the figures captured by the camera lens, in order to inspire the observer with a personal rielaboration of reality from an imaginary viewpoint and with free interpretation.

It appears clearly that the artist’s shot, captured and, in a manner of speaking, “stolen” during the fleeing moment, comes from the deep rooted competency in this specific field and acquired experience, combined with witty and shrewd sensitivity of who can understand and impart, with the instant flash of a click, authentic emotions, which inspire strong suggestions and indescribable memories of a life treasured inside a thought of immemorial time, that everyone has and preserves carefully.

The narrative setting seems to be assimilated within a virtual space between reality and fiction, appearance and essence, invention and accurate reproduction, which provides a new prospective in the art photography field and stands out as example for a precious contribution to its evolutionary process, claiming the exemplary and flawless competence shown by Severi, who is dominated by creative passion and wants to share with the spectator the same feelings and emotions which are the base for her inspiration.

Alessandro Sallusti