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Press Conferences

Maria Pia Severi, Modena photographer, exhibits at the GASK, the most important museum in Bohemia, situated in the Czech city of Kutna Hora, an UNESCO world heritage site.

April 27th, 2013, Maria Pia Severi inaugurated a personal exhibition of her works.

The exhibition kicked off a series of events in Prague dedicated to the city of Venice, and last but not least to one of its famous sons, Casanova.

The show, curated by Monika Burian , Serena Baccaglini and Tina de Falco, focuses on the dreamlike mood which the artist so cleverly captures. Severi's photographies convey dreamy, poetic and visionary cities.

Landscape becomes magic and almost transparent. Under her gaze Venice, too, becomes the city of “technological unconscious” (Franco Vaccari, the preface of the book Venezia è sogno), glittering masks crowd the narrow alleyways and become the essence of colour and shape. According to Serena Baccaglini, Severi’s photo shots “have all the flavor and quality of dreams”. The pictures drift away from reality, choosing a fantastic world.

The transfiguration of places uncovers unseen secrets of Venice.

The magic aura which surrounds the city in the lagoon captures spectator’s imagination, and causing strong and alienating emotions.

The exhibition, titled Venezia è sogno (Venice is a dream), is enriched by costumes of Atelier Pietro Longhi which recreate the 18th century atmosphere in Venice.

The opening event has been appreciating by the general public. The exhibition which had lasted until the end of August, 2013, is sponsored by the Embassy of Italy in Prague, Prague Institute of Culture and Honorary Consul of Czech Republic in Venice, as well as the Venice Councillor of the Municipality, Roberta Panciera.

The day before the vernissage, at the Institute of Culture, the artist gave a long interview to Prague TV, in English, which was immediately broadcast nationwide.

After the show, a press conference was held in the same place, with the presence of Venice’s Councillor for Culture, the Honorary Consul, Serena Baccaglini and Monika Burian, as well as many international artists, surrounded by large crowd of journalists. After the press conference the artist gave another interview, this time to the national radio.

On the opening day, the museum was crowded with artists and ordinary people who were eager to celebrate Maria Pia Severi. Among those there were the Honorary Consul in Venice, the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute and the Italian Ambassador in Prague.

Many articles reported the event giving importance to the art of Italian photography.

From June 10th to 15th, 2013, on initiative of Monika Burian, some photos, currently exhibited at Kutna Hora, will be sent to Art Basel, the world’s premier exhibition of modern and contemporary art. Twenty-two photos of Maria Pia Severi displayed every day had a huge success.