Maria Pia SeveriMaria Pia Severi was born in Carpi (MO) and now lives in Modena, where She practiced law. She has been always interested in photography.

Maria Pia Severi debuted in 1984 with the original photographic album “SOTTO IL SEGNO DI MODENA” (“Under the sign of Modena”), edited by Galleria Fonte d’Abisso, which also cured the presentation and the photographic exhibition. In 2008 She published her second photopraphic book: “EMOZIONI CAPRESI INVERNO” (“Capri emotion-winter”). With this book, the Artist proposed an innovative intepretation of photographic reality. In July 2009 Maria Pia Severi published “VENEZIA E’ SOGNO” (“Venice is a Dream”), which can be found in all the public libraries of Venice-Mestre, on the initiative of the Municipality. Later, Maria Pia Severi cured a solo exhibition, sponsored by the Municipality, at the Art Gallery of Modena “Il Paradisino”, where She exhibited more than 150 photographs among the most evocative of her art.

In June 2009 Maria Pia Severi published her first literary and photopraphic fiction: “VILLA LA BAGATTELLA-CRONACHE DI VITE PARALLELE” (“Villa La Bagattella-A chronicle of parallel lives”). The book was published and presented in Capri on the initiative of the newspaper Il Mattino, in the presence of the Island Authorities.

Then, the Author published two more books, the first one is about the city of Mantova: “MANTOVA… ED E’ SUBITO SERA” and “ MANTOVA … E DOPO LA NOTTE VIENE IL GIORNO”. The second book is about the city of Ferrara, “I DIAMANTI DI FERRARA” (“Ferrara’s Diamonds), where Maria Pia Severi had previously spent the entire winter, surrounded by the typical, and very suggestive, foggy weather.

“CAPRI, INNO ALL’ESTATE” (“Capri, hymn to the Summer”), Maria Pia Severi’s seventh photographic book, is a testimony of her unconditional love for the island. From August 11th to August 18th, 2010, a solo exhibition of the Artist, with photographs from her last work, was held at the Caprese Ignazio Cerio Centre, sponsored by the municipal authorities.

With the publication of “BOLOGNA ARIA DI FESTA” (“Bologna, Festive Air”), edited by ArteStampa, Maria Pia Severi celebrated the beloved city of Bologna. Starting from March 12th, 2011, Maria Pia Severi displayed some of the photographs collected from her last book. The exhibition was held in Bologna, at the Galleria Cinquantasei, well-known for modern and contemporary art exhibitions.

The famous art critic Vittorio Sgarbi wrote the preface for Maria Pia Severi’s last works.

With her ninth work “L’ALTRA FACCIA DI MODENA” (“The other side of Modena”), Maria Pia Severi resumed the work begun in 1984, renewing her constant love and attention to her hometown Modena.

From August 17th to August 26th, 2011, a solo exhibition of Maria Pia Severi’s unreleased photos of Capri was held at the Nobis Gallery of Angela Maffia, in Capri. The presentation of the exhibition was curated by the writer and artist Enzo Tucci. Both the presentation and the author’s interview were transmitted on “Retecapri” and “Telecaprinews” and, on the same day, the newspaper Il Mattino published an article dedicated to this event.

From February 17th to February 26th, another exhibition of Maria Pia Severi was held, in Carpi (Modena), called “Carpi-dissolvenze” (Carpi-fading). This exhibition aimed to celebrate the Artist’s birthplace. Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Carpi provided the premises for this exhibition.

Through the images collected in her tenth book “DENTRO LE MURA DI VERONA” (“Within Verona’s walls”) edited by Artestampa in March 2012, the Artist, with her unique style, combined portraits of monuments with portraits of fascinating and mysterious women. The book’s title quoted William Shakespeare who, calling the city of Verona “the city of enchantment”, wrote: “There is no world outside Verona’s walls”. The three prefaces of the book were signed by: Maria Cristina Castellazzi, Lorella Pagnucco Salvemini, the prestigious art critic and director of The International Art Magazine ARTEIN, and the last one by Carmine Siniscalco, director of the contemporary Art Gallery Studio-S, in Rome, and president of A.R.G.A.M. (Roman Association of Modern Art Galleries).

Later, the same year, the Artist was invited to the Itaca Gallery, in Verona, to exhibit some of her photographs of Verona.

With her eleventh work “VERONA VIA MAZZINI-GALLERIA DI RITRATTI” (“Verona Mazzini street- Portraits Gallery”), Maria Pia Severi reached a new artistic language, showing portraits of the most charming street of Verona. The artist displays the fascinated world of fashion, the women represented in her photos are surrounded by an aura of mystery and beauty. Maria Pia Severi’s works reflect the emotions felt by the Artist herself.

With the book “FIRENZE L’INEFFABILE” (“Florence the Ineffable”), the Artis offered a new perspective of Dante’s beautiful hometown. Later, Maria Pia Severi was invited to display her pictures, collected in Venezia è sogno, the most important museum in central Bohemia: the GASK, in Kutna Hora. In occasion of the exhibition, She collaborated with the artist Tina de Falco, the gallery Director, Monika Burian, and the professor of Fine Art and Communication at Cattolica (Milano University), Serena Baccaglini. Serena Baccaglini created, in occasion of the event, a beautiful catalogue. Thanks to this event the popularity of Maria Pia Severi spread all around the world. A selection of the photographs chosen from Kutna Hora exhibition were relocated at Basel Fair by Monika Burian. “I SETTE COLLI DI LISBONA” (“Lisbona seven hills”) is Maria Pia Severi thirteenth art work. As soon as she arrived in Lisbona, as she wrote in her notes, she felt at home. Right after that, the Artist directed her attention to Genoa and, in particular, to her beloved “carrugi”, and this experience gave birth to her fourteenth album entitled “COLORS OF GENOA”. Later, She moved to Palermo, in November 2013, where she published her fifteenth work: “Magic Palermo”.

In spring 2014 the Artist went to Barcelona and collected new photographs. Later She published “BARCELLONA CITTA’ DELLE MERAVIGLIE” (Barcelona City of Wonderful thing).

Maria Pia Severi was invited by the art critic and businessman, Salvo Nugnes, to Milano Art Gallery in occasion of the exhibition “Colours of Reality”, with only females as subjects of the pictures exposed. The exhibition started in June 11th and was extended until the 10th of July, due to its success. After that, the Artist was invited by Vittorio Sgarbi to display a selection of her works at Palazzo Leti Sansi, Spoleto. The Exhibition lasted from June 27th to July 24th, in occasion of Festival Dei Due Mondi (Two Worlds Festival). The feedback she received from Sgarbi himself was extremely positive and so were the comments of the journalists.

From September 27th to October 24th, 2014, the artist was invited by Vittorio Sgarbi, to the exhibition “Spoleto Incontra Venezia” (Spoleto meets Venice), held first at Palazzo Rota-Ivancich and second at Palazzo Falier, in Venice. Among all the famous artists, Sgarbi praised only Maria Pia Severi’s work. “MILANO-IL FASCINO DI UNA METROPOLI”, published by Artestampa at the end of October 2014, is the 17th photographic book by the Artist, with the preface signed by the Director of “Il Giornale ”, Alessandro Sallusti. The book was then presented, on November 5th, at MILANO ART GALLERY by Dr. Sallusti and Maria Pia Severi and moderated by Salvo Nugnes. At the same time, there was also an exhibition of many Severi’s photos from her book about the city of Milan. The presentation, with many interactions between Sallusti and Severi, was very ironic and gained much success. The public appeared interested in participating to the debate. A video of the presentation was made (V. artist’s website, section: “video”) and many pictures were taken, of the artist alone or with the editor Carlo Bonacini and with Sallusti. With her seventeenth photo album, “Green Garda”, the Artist offered a glimpse of the south-west shoreline (Brescia), from Villa di Gargnano to Salò, as a testimony of her strong devotion for Lake Garda.

In February 2015, Maria Pia Severi was invited by Vittorio Sgarbi to Pescara, in occasion of the exhibition“From Pier Paolo Pasolini to Maria Pia Severi”, held in Gabiele d’Annunzio’s bithplace. The exhibition lasted until March 10th. The other protagonist of the show was Roberto Villa, with his pictures called “Arabian Nights” (the original title is “Il fiore delle mille e una notte”). The opening of the exhibition attracted many visitors, Sgarbi’s speech focused in particular on Severi’s photographs. “Siena: Venus’ seashell” is the artist’s eighteenth work. The city shows its winter landscape, even among the female figures wearing heavy coats. However, the artist does not forget that Siena is well-known for its Palio and therefore she entitled her photo album with a name that refers to Piazza del Campo, which has the shape of a seashell. The 9th of May the professor Vittorio Sgarbi invited the Artist to display 13 pictures of V.I.P. The exhibition was held at Gipsoteca canoviana, located in Possagno, and lasted from the 9th of May to the 2nd of June, 2015, as you can see from the artist’s website under the heading “mostre”. From June 27th to August 27th, 2015, the artist displayed her 13 works on V.I.P. at the FESTIAL DEI DUE MONDI (Festival of Two Worlds) in Spoleto. The exhibition of Severi’s photographs was organized by “Spoleto Arte”. From September 5th to October 1st, 2015, under the high patronage of Expo, Maria Pia Severi participated at the Biennale Milano International Art Meeting at the Spazio Todini. The event was presented by Vittorio Sgarbi and organized by the Promoter Art. The artist was also invited to take part to the exhibition “FOOD ART” in Rome at the Studio-S Arte Contemporanea. The exhibition lasted from October 7th to November 7th , 2015.

During the exhibition “Spoleto Arte incontra Venezia” (“Spoleto Arte meets Venice”) Severi displayed 25 works intitled “Personale” (“Personal”) next to the Master Gino De Dominicis. Also worthy of mention is the exhibition “Creatività vincente - Storie di Successo” (“Winning Creativity – Stories of Success”) held on October 17th, 2015, in Maranello, the homeland of Ferrari cars. On this occasion, the artist participated with 11 works. Her exhibition consisted of 3 pictures on the main Formula One car models, 4 pictures on the most famous world champions and other 4 showing the founder Enzo Ferrari and managers which came after him. Maria Pia Severi’s photos achieved resounding success and two of them had been chosen as cover photos of the Catalogue. From November 13th to 16th, 2015, Maria Pia Severi, in occasion of Milano Art Gallery, exposed her works on V.I.P. at the Fair of Padua.

From December 1st to 6th, 2015, Maria Pia Severi was invited to Art Basel Miami, where she displayed more V.I.P. pictures. The catalogue will be published by the publishing house Mondadori.

In May Maria Pia Severi and Gino Dominicis exhibited their works at the Cript Gallery of London. The exhibition lasted from May to June, 2015. At the same time, another Artist’s exhibition “ SPOLETO ARTE incontra NAPOLI” took place, at PAN, Palazzo delle Arti, in Naples. From June 25th to July 24th the exhibition “ MARIA CALLAS LA DIVINA” took place in Spoleto, at Palazzo Leti Sansi. During this exhibition, cured by Vittorio Sgarbi, the artist presented new pictures of Maria Callas. On July 2th, Alviero Martini presented with the Author her book “ NAPOLI QUESTA SCONOSCIUTA”,at MUSEO PAN of Naples, , gaining a great success from the public.

In September, Maria Pia Severi took part in the art exhibition "SPOLETO MEETS VENICE", cured by Vittorio Sgarbi. In October, She exhibited many of her works at the museum Venanzo Crocetti in Rome, gaining a great success. 

From 30th November to 4th December, the Artist exhibited some new pictures of Maria Callas on the occasion of: "Miami meets Milano", in Miami.

From 10th to 24th February 2017, Maria Pia Severi took part in the exhibition organized at the Bonbonniere Gallery, on the occasion of Sanremo Festival, where She exhibited more unreleased pictures of Maria Callas.

Saturday 18th March 2017 the Artist exhibits 50 pieces from Her photographic books in New York, at the Michelangelo Hotel. The exhibition took place only for one day but it gains a great success and it gets highly publicized by the New York press.

On March 30th, 2017, Maria Pia Severi receives a plaque for the award of Montecarlo, for Her “original vision of photography”, signed by Vittorio Sgarbi and conferred by: Francesco Albertoni, Cristiano Gallo, Italian ambassador of Monaco, Veronica Ferretti, director of the museum Michelangelo Buonarroti, Salvo Nugnes, Andrea Munari, general director of Radio Montecarlo, and others.

On 4/5/2017, on the occasion of the Amanda Lear (Visions) exhibition, cured by Vittorio Sgarbi, the Artist exhibits his numerous works at the Crypt Gallery in London.

On May 8, 2017 Maria Pia exhibits photos of Famous Characters.

In July-August 2017, the Artist participates with his works at the Festival of Two Worlds of Spoleto, where he receives the prestigious "PRIZE TO THE CAREER".

From the 11th to the 15th of October, at the Milan Biennial, cured by Vittorio Sgarbi, the Artist exhibits at the "Milano Art Gallery" photos taken from his volume "Milan, the Charm of a Metropolis".